The Front Line

If you visit Livewire you will not find the archetypal agency table-football machine, coffee bar or chill-out zone; our people are a rather more serious type (but no less interesting or entertaining).

In addition to a small core management team, Livewire has 40 contributing consultants who are shareholders in the agency, plus close working relationships with an established network of freelancers and partner companies in specialist disciplines such as augmented reality and social media.

Qualifications range from Scientific Doctorates, Masters and first class Scientific, Law and Philosophy Honours Degrees to diplomas in marketing and communications, and even two Masters of Fine Art from Central St. Martins.

But academic qualifications alone are not always a good indicator of the Livewire hands-on, can-do mentality. It is the big agency and professional industry experience across marketing, commercial operations, clinical research and more that informs our people’s thinking, creativity and drive.

At Livewire, people come first and are most revered for their skills – although qualifications, languages, experience and attitude come into play. This includes project management, often involving multi-territory, multi-language and multi-sector variations of a campaign; strategic planning, matching audiences with messages and communication materials; copy and medical writing, an increasingly important and rare skill; creative direction and design, with particular emphasis on building brands; logistic management, especially relevant for live events; not to mention moving image and online technical skills.

And our belief in our people means that there is no point in having such skills if they are not directly accessible to our clients. Instead of an army of account managers, Livewire encourages clients to work directly with the right talent at the right moment.