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Livewire is concerned with enhancing communication in our busy lives…
and the life sciences in particular.


Communication with a higher purpose, including: medical & scientific progress, corporate & social responsibility, stakeholder & employee motivation, and more.


Communication that cuts through the plethora of information and data that bombards us today. Communication that keeps an eye on the bigger picture and the crux of the issue.


Welcome to life at Livewire.


What Are They Saying About You?

People have the tools to talk to each other and express their opinions like never before (and beyond your control). It is not simply about using these digital tools, it is about giving people something better to talk about; often in-depth and in traditional media.


That is why we focus on what you want to say first, instead of starting with what it looks like or what media are used. And it is not just about what you want to say, it’s also about what they want to hear.


In short, we plan a communication strategy to ensure you are talked about for all the right reasons.


Content with Words

In communicating directly with your audience (whether it is your peers, stakeholders, key opinion leaders, educators, employees, customers or users) it is not just about putting your message across, it is about getting everyone working from the same script – and believing in it.


Whilst providing a wide range of services across different channels of communication, we never forget that the common factor is our words. This includes stakeholder engagement, medical education, copy and medical writing, scientific and logistic project management, internal communications and beyond.


Working Relationships

Talking effectively to your audience obviously starts by talking to Livewire and you’ll find us unusually open and candid; the time spent up-front usually pays dividends later on.


More importantly, we like to develop long term relationships; that’s why we’ve been talking with some of our clients for over 20 years.


In other words, we listen and we get involved. At Livewire, you become another member of the team with full access to everyone all the time.

Constant Collaboration

They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, but we take internal communications very seriously.


All agencies use external suppliers and freelancers, usually in a sequential process. As the project gets passed on, the original intent can get lost.


At Livewire, we build a perfect project team at the outset, people with the right knowledge opt in (including one or more of over 40 consultants and writers who are shareholders in Livewire) and everyone has an equal say. Then we talk to ourselves all the time!

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