The Medium for the Message

Pharmaceutical science remains our core specialty and as ‘content’ providers, Livewire produces journals, brochures, newsletters (physical, online and multi-language), presentations, posters, videos, animations (scientific and otherwise), and websites. Basically whatever it takes to get your message heard.

However, the finished form that it takes (physical or digital) is not our preferred starting point. Our single most important service, which sometimes goes unnoticed, is grasping the issue and crafting the right message first.

Then we identify how to present the message and the best medium or media to deliver it: formally or informally, it is a valuable service called communications strategy and campaign planning. This is particularly true for complex, major campaigns where the connections between individual messages and media can be more important than any single deliverable.

That’s what makes Livewire a specialist in communication. This means that our services go a little deeper than the conventional scientific medical education services, copywriting, translation, design, photography, illustration, project management and production services. They can include stakeholder engagement, expert collaboration, content management systems, academic reports, educational services and beyond.

As Livewire was originally founded by investigative, technical writers in the pharmaceutical sector, it is not surprising that our ethos continues to privilege words and the message over the form it takes.

Coincidentally, our rigorous and broad reaching approach has attracted some major consumer corporations to work with us. Even then, it is not simply about enhancing your communication by making it look attractive through design, it is about making your communication relevant, believable and accessible.