The Past Shapes Our Future

Established in 2005, Livewire is a London based communications agency with an international outlook and a comparatively small administrative, financial and project management team head-quartered in Gerrards Cross.

Over 40 consultants with a wide range of specialist skills are shareholders in Livewire; working for clients in the medical, life sciences, health, food and other sectors; delivering a diverse range of communications materials (often in multiple languages); addressing audiences of all levels.

Like many successful companies, it started with talent and opportunity more than a commercial business plan. The focus was on the job in hand, not on becoming a leading communications agency, and that mentality persists today. Indeed, collaboration and camaraderie continue to shape the Livewire brand, in particular:

  • The recognition that self-organising teams are more effective than people on their own; for every new project we still create a team based on enthusiasm for the work as much as individual knowledge and skills.
  • That direct, personal communication remains a rich and effective form of communication. Today, we all use technology all the time, but in planning campaigns it is not how trendy a medium is, it is how effective it can be.
  • Keeping overheads and administration to a minimum; as a small team you learn that value is measured by the quality of the work, not by the size of the offices or overheads.
  • Whilst it is generally recognised that being lean can make you more responsive, it also means that there’s nowhere to hide; everyone is still responsible for their own actions and our people are judged by what they deliver, not what they say.
  • Outside of any ivory tower, you remain more aware and engaged in the wider world; that’s why Livewire is socially responsible, involved in worthwhile causes (including schools in Kenya and locally) and champions of life-enhancing communication.

Companies are like people, your background makes you who you are. The world changes and you change but you are still ‘informed’ by your past. As Livewire continues to change by embracing new media and new people (as clients, suppliers, consultants or employees) its values remain remarkably consistent and increasingly relevant in today’s more volatile, uncertain, complex and confusing world.