The Company We Keep

The majority of Livewire’s clients would classify themselves as being involved in life-enhancing activities, including notable corporations in the pharmaceutical, medical, life-sciences, health, food and similar sectors.

Beyond the world of corporations and companies, Livewire has also fruitfully worked with a number of non-profits: institutions, publishers, colleges and charities.

More interesting than the diversity of market sectors is the diversity of job titles amongst our clients, including Chief Executive Officers, Human Resource Directors and Managers, Scientific Directors, along with Medical, Brand and Communications Directors and Managers.

Specifically, there is a poetic justice in Livewire having long term working relationships on client campaigns about sustainability! This all reflects how closely and deeply involved Livewire can become with its clients, often working on internal or confidential projects long before they become public programmes and campaigns.

The depth and range of client relationships partly accounts for the fact that Livewire retains clients over the long term: some of today’s active clients (as companies or individuals who have moved from one company to another) have worked with Livewire over many years. But this may also be attributed to the stability of our own people and the candid, open, no-nonsense and direct communication we foster with clients.